Our illustrations depict a wide range of biomedical topics for diverse purposes, including print and digital media. Some of our past illustrations were featured in editorial covers, posters, textbooks, journals, and surgical publications. Our illustrations are created traditionally and digitally and can be completed in the following mediums:

  • Pen & Ink

  • Tonal (grayscale)

  • Simple Color

  • Complex Color



Our animations are used to clearly and accurately communicate your biomedical story in a dynamic way. We begin by developing a script and storyboard with you. Upon approval, the next step is to create art assets and 3D models. These will be put in motion and set to a voice over or soundtrack. Animations can be done in both 2D and 3D using a range of softwares. Past animation topics include: surgical techniques, cellular and molecular processes, medical device mechanisms, and patient education.


Interactive Media

Interactive media is used to create a unique, immersive experience that is proven to drive user engagement and knowledge retention. Interactive applications, such as iBooks, ebooks, video games, and virtual reality, are used to teach scientific and medical concepts in an engaging and dynamic manner. These can be used in a classroom setting, for patient education, surgical training, and much more. Our products are easily accessible and are available across multiple platforms, including IOS and Android.